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Large Parties at Latitude Seafood Co. are always memorable and special. Our Stony Point location features a Private Dining Room to accomodate private parties. Our Midlothothian location features large party accommodations within the exciting envionment of our dining room. For all inquiries of parties 15 people and over, please review the information below, fill out the form, and we’ll be in touch soon!

  • PDR Menu

    Private Dining Menu

    Includes the choices described as well as a non-alcoholic beverage.  Tiers do not include tax or gratuity.

    Appetizers and/or Alcohol may be added as an a la carte option to your experience.

    Private Dining is $40 per person.

    • CONTRACT and DEPOSIT: A signed Private Dining Contract and a $100.00 non-refundable deposit are required to guarantee the room. Please note that the $100.00 deposit will be used as a credit to the bill the day of the event, as a cancellation charge or damage to the room charge.
    • CAPACITY: Our private dining room seats 40 people. A few extra chairs can be added if you don’t mind a tight fit. The room can be configured in many different ways including 2 long tables, groupings of 4 to 6, T shape, etc…
    • ROOM CHARGE: Latitude Seafood Co. charges no specific room fee, but instead requires that the minimum of the number of persons for the reservation by the pre set menu cost selected is met.
    • CANCELLATIONS: For all cancellations, the deposit is forfeited. Cancellations within 5 days of the event, will result in a full charge for the reservation number by the pre-set menu charge.
    • MENU SELECTION: Latitude Seafood Co. offers a Private Dining Room Pre-Set Menu for Lunch and Dinner functions. For all functions beginning prior to 3pm, either the Lunch or the Dinner pre-set menu may be used. For all functions beginning after 3pm, the Dinner pre-set menu is required. Appetizers and Alcoholic beverages are a la carte.
    • RESERVATION: Parties will be sat upon arrival of the entire party. Reservations will be held for 15 minutes.
    • GUEST GUARANTEE: For all functions, Latitude Seafood Co. must have a guest number confirmation 5 days prior to the function date. We will consider this number the guarantee and it will not be subject to reduction. If no guaranteed number is received 5 days prior to the event, Latitude Seafood Co. will consider the original expected guest number in this contract as the final guest count.
    • FOOD AND BEVERAGE: All food and beverages must be purchased and prepared through Latitude Seafood Co. The only exception are cakes or cupcakes. No other carry ins, including alcohol are allowed.
    • FINAL PAYMENT: Final payment for the function must be made at the completion of the function. To ensure quality service for you and your guests, all food and beverage will be on one tab and may be paid for with no more than 4 combinations of cash and/or credit cards.
    • Parties will be given a time frame of 2.5 hours from reservation time in which to use the private area. Additional time will be at the rate of $100 per additional hour and agreed upon prior to day of the party.
    • DECORATIONS: Decorations are permitted as long as they conform to fire and safety codes and are approved by management. Decorations must be taken when you leave and confetti is not permitted. We do not permit anything affixed to the walls.
    • DAMAGE TO THE PRIVATE ROOM: Guests will be held liable for any unusual damage to the room or it’s contents. This includes breakage of glass/dishes, damage to the walls, carpet, etc…
    • TAX & GRATUITY: A 20% service fee and sales tax are added to all functions.
    • LIABILITY: Latitude Seafood Co., LLC or it’s owners are not liable for any non-performance of this contract in the event that Latitude Seafood Co. has to close for any reason, non-availability of food, beverage or supplies, acts of God or other causes which are beyond our reasonable control.
    • The client agrees to ensure that the event scheduled and any persons in attendance will conduct no illegal activities.
    • The client agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Latitude Seafood Co., LLC, it’s agents or employees for any costs incurred, including attorney’s fees, arising as a result of an injury to person or damage of property, or any other claim whatsoever resulting from the client’s use of the premises.